Getting over Winter

While this winter seems like it is here to stay, there have been a few days here and there that actually feel like spring! This weekend was one of them, so I finally enterd the real world again and took some pictures for blog posts. With the stockings and the blazer layered over a sheer blouse, this outfit is one that I think of as a transition outfit into spring. I hope you like it!

Xoxo, Kristen

Blazer: Zara | Blouse: Kohls (old) | Shorts: Elle for Kohls | Stockings: Vera Wang for Kohls | Shoes: Forever 21 (old)

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10 thoughts on “Getting over Winter

    1. Yeah I love them too! In general I love flouncy, high waisted shorts, I wear them all the time in the warmer months!

    1. Hopefully this is the end of it! It has been pretty nice this week where I am! And thanks!! 😊

    1. Thanks! I absolutely love that jacket! Zara, in my opinion, has some of the best affordable blazers/jackets

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