About Me


Hello, my name is Kristen! I love all things fashion and beauty and am so excited to be sharing my personal style journey with you! Some fun facts about me: I have an identical twin sister, my mother was born in Brazil, and I am a singer! I can’t wait to share more with all of you.

I am not a huge fan of fashion trends, unless of course they reflect my personal style. I believe that fashion is a form of expression and that people should wear something to reflect who they are. I love that fashion is an art that everyone can use as their own form of self expression. There was a quote about fashion featured on Gossip Girl, a show which was a game changer for me in terms of accepting and honing my personal style, which I feel perfectly sums up the way I feel about fashion:

“Fashion is the most powerful art there is. It’s movement, design, and architecture all in one. It shows the world who we are and who we’d like to be.”

Hearing Blair Waldorf, one of my TV fashion icons, say that for the first time changed the way I thought about fashion and helped me start my personal style journey. I hope you enjoy following me on this journey and learning more about me through my stories and my fashion.

xoxo KMS

P.S. Blair Waldorf seriously has some of the best quotes about fashion, go check them out!

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